Swimming Pool Heating

ECHO CO design and install swimming pool heating with the highest technology and the highest standards with gas boilers or heat pumps. We use the best brand and European manufacturers for our installations.

Radiators by Hot Water

Hot water radiators are one of the most common heat distribution systems in newer homes. The radiators are designed to heat the air in the room using convection to transfer heat from the radiators to the surrounding air. They do this by drawing cool air in at the bottom, warming the air as it passes over the radiator fins, and discharging the heated air at the top. The advantages of radiator central heating include being able to expand the system easily, Near silent running, and the speed at which they heat the room, Not to mention the inherent benefits of radiant heat over convection heat.

Underfloor Heating

What we provide to our customers? Underfloor heating looks after the environment and saves space by installing energy-efficient underfloor heating in your home. Enjoy the feeling of warmth underfoot and free up valuable space in your home with underfloor heating. What is Underfloor Heating? Underfloor heating is a way of heating a home through strong and flexible tubing that is embedded in the floor. It is efficient and affordable, offering numerous advantages over radiators. There are various types of underfloor heating systems available. The best underfloor heating solution for you will depend on a range of factors including your project type, your current heating system and energy source. How does Underfloor Heating work? Underfloor heating essentially works by turning the floor area into a giant, efficient and invisible heat emitter. Heating tubes or cables are installed beneath the floor, which heat up, to warm the room from the ground up. Strong, flexible tubing is used for warm water underfloor heating systems, whilst cables are used in electric underfloor heating systems. Because underfloor heating covers such a large surface area, it is able to use much lower water temperatures than radiators, this helps to improve efficiency especially with a heat pump and also better heats a room as there are no cold spots. The benefits of underfloor heating There are a wide range of benefits to installing UFH in your home. From energy efficiency to a luxury feel, we take a look at the biggest advantages of heated floors. Flexibility - Warm, heated floor - 25% more efficient - Space saving & discreet - Safe & healthy - Kind to the environment

Central Hot Water

A central heating system provides warmth to the number of spaces within a building and optionally also able to heat domestic hot water from one main source of heat , the source can be Solar water heaters, Gas water heaters.