Eco Heating Solutions is our new sister company that provide new services help us to achieve our goal, providing you with best technology in heating solutions.


Central heating systems require much less energy to heat than traditional forced air central heating systems, resulting in economical operation and lower energy consumption in the form of much friendlier power/gas bills. Central Heating uses water to transfer heat around your home. Water holds significantly more heat than air and transfers that heat at much higher rates, without losing heat/energy in the process of getting it to the actual room. By comparison, traditional central heating systems use air to distribute heat through ducts to rooms. Larger amounts of heat/energy can be lost in that process.


The even, radiant heat completely avoids distribution of dust and allergens compared to traditional forced air systems. This makes central heating ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Forced air systems can create uncomfortably dry environments which creates discomfort for people who suffer from dry eyes or sore throats. With no forced air, central heating systems avoid this issue altogether.


A central heating system warms a home through silent, radiant heat delivered through underfloor heating, or radiators. Such radiant warmth has affordable luxury when delivered through a well-designed and easy to use programmable control system.